The Basic Rider Course (BRC) is designed to coach a new rider through the basics of riding and to break the bad habits of seasoned riders. It is not designed to teach you how to balance a motorcycle and for that reason, you must be able to balance and ride a bicycle. In Indiana, and through us, this course provides a waiver of the written and riding licensing tests.


You will receive approximately 15 hours of coaching (expect 5 hours in the classroom and 10 hours of riding time). The classroom portion includes subjects such as risk mitigation, riding defensively and strategy. On the range you’ll develop basic skills in shifting, accelerating, braking, cornering and lane changing through low-speed maneuvering.


The course is completed in a weekend in either 2 full days or 3 half days. You’ll provide your riding gear and enthusiasm and we’ll provide the books training motorcycles and qualified Rider Coaches to ensure you have the greatest experience possible.


You do NOT need a permit to take the course! Once you successfully complete the course, we will provide you graduation documents that you’ll take to the BMV to have your license endorsed for a motorcycle. The BMV will not require you to take any further testing. The documentation Waives and further testing!


Finally, the course costs only $125 (for Indiana residents)!!!



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 We look forward to seeing you in Class!